Remote LNB Power Supply MiniTiouner V1 & V2.0

For the users of the F1CHF MiniTiouner V1, and the F5XG batch, as well as the BATC version V2, it was not possible to control the LNB’s remote power supply via Jean-Pierre F6DZP’s Minitioune V0.8s software.

I developed an additional card (32 * 41mm) using the chip RT5047 from RICHTEK, a highly integrated voltage regulator and interface IC.

Everything is working properly on V1 and V2 cards. (Watch video from Dale 2WØODS)

The RT5047 receives the 22kHz signal driven by the NIM commands, and generated in the latter: 420mV p.p. square.

The 13 and 18V voltages are fine modulated by the 22kHz, when this option is selected (~ 100mV p.p.)

Download documentation